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DL-123 example

If you have been convicted of Driving While Impaired and want to apply for a limited driving privilege, our staff will request a copy of your DL-123 to submit to the court. But what is a DL-123 and why do you need it?

The Form DL-123 proves to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles that you have at least the minimum amount of liability car insurance required to drive a vehicle registered in North Carolina.

DWI offenders are not the only individuals who need to provide a DL-123. Someone applying fo ra diver’s license for the first time in North Carolina, including teen drivers who are getting licensed for the first time, and a motorist who’s moved to North Carolina and is seeking a driver’s license will be required to provide the document. 

Other than a DWI, there may be other court orders which require a DL-123 as well to prove liability coverage for a vehicle. 

A DL-123 is obtained from the insurance company who insures your vehicle.