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  • Attorney Frank Lay specializes in handling cases that originate on the campus of Western Carolina University. With defendants often far from home, Frank Lay and his team are prepared to help students through the court process while understanding that often times its their first encounter with the court system. In addition to state charges you may be facing, WCU students will also often be required to attend a hearing in front of the university’s disciplinary committee which could result in a variety of disciplinary actions up to  expulsion. Attorney Frank Lay will be by your side throughout the entire process. 

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From minor traffic infractions to driving while impaired charges to serious felony offenses, Attorney Frank Lay Law’s Aggressive Criminal Defense Team is experienced in all aspects of the of court system and will be by your side from the date of arrest until your case is closed in court. 

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In North Carolina, drunk driving is known as Driving While Impaired. If you register (blow) a .08 or higher in a breathalyzer test, you are... Learn More…

Criminal Law

At Frank Lay Law, our clients are our first priority. .Whether you are facing criminal charges at the state or federal level, or in Tribal Court… Learn More…

Possession of Marijuana

While states across the United States are legalizing Marijuana, North Carolina has not yet crossed that hurdle so if you are found to be in possession of Marijuana... Learn More…

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The Frank Lay Law Aggressive Criminal Defense Team evaluates each case individually to determine the best strategy to fight on your behalf. Contact our team today to set up an appointment for your free consultation. 

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