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If you attend Western Carolina University and have been arrested for a crime, even though you have not been convicted and the offense may not have occurred on WCU’s campus, you will likely still be called before the the Department of Student Community Ethics (DSCE) to answer for the alleged violation of WCU’s Code of Conduct. 

Although this isn’t a court of law, you are permitted to have an attorney present during the hearing, which could result in expulsion from the university. 

For the sake of your educational future, consider having an attorney present when answering for criminal charges on campus. 

As stated in WCU’s Code of Conduct, “Violations of campus or University policies, rules, or regulations, or federal, state, or local law may result in violation of the Code and imposition of Student conduct actions9s). The Code differs from the criminal or civil justice systems in scope, purpose, procedure and outcomes. The Code is not designed to replace state or federal criminal laws or procedures. Students may be accountable to both civil authorities and to the University for acts the constitute violations of law and this Code. When Student Conduct violates this Code as well as federal, state, or local laws, or administrative regulations, University Student conduct proceedings may be initiated and proceed without regard to pendency of civil, criminal, or administrative actions. Student conduct proceedings base don violations fo this Code will not be subject to challenge eon the ground that criminal charges involving the same incident have been amended, dismissed, reduced, or not yet full adjudicated.”

Sanctions assigned to students by WCU vary based on offense and can be found here. 

If you have been charged with a crime and attend Western Carolina University, contract our office today at 828-631-2500 to ensure you have proper representation when facing the university’s disciplinary board.